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Sheep & Wool

AWEX (Aus Wool Exchange) www.awex.com.au
AWTA (Aus Wool Testing Authority) www.awta.com.au
Australian Wool Innovation www.wool.com
Australian Superfine Wool Growers Association (ASWGA) www.asfwga.com.au
New England Wool www.newenglandwool.com
Australian Stud Merino Breeders Association  www.merinos.com.au

Animal Health

Coopers Animal Health www.coopersanimalhealth.com.au 
Pest Genie  www.pestgenie.com.au  

Wool Clothing

Visione www.visione.com.au

Our Favourites

Kulin Bush Races www.kulin.wa.gov.au




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Merino Genetics

Merino Genetics
Looking to improve the productivity of your sheep flock? Search for registered Stud Merino breeders by location, stud name or micron on the ASMBA Flock Register.